Welcome to Richline Wine & Spirits

        Richline Wine & Spirit is created for the people who enjoy quality wines and spirit. Our goal is to show peoples the 'Road of Taste' for wines, to have you understand the true form of wine. We show people not just the enjoyment of wine, but any in-depth knowledge if neccesary. From Scotlands's great whiskies, to the reknowned and famous wines of France; from the liquor to mix up your style, to the white wine of the seaside. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and thank you for reading this brief introduction about us. We will soon open the door to a new world of wines from Richline Wine & Spirit. Richline Wine & Spirit (under Richline Corporation Co., Ltd) was supported with many international partnerships, shareholder, business license and factory to produce the highest quality taste of wine awarded internationally competitive market medal. The company was established since 2009, but we have long year experiences of wine export and import. The creative concept of the modern wine company was realized as friendship with broach concept or attractive program or special offer of wedding, party, new house cermony prosperity and other happy events. So, Richline Wine & Spirit was created to meet all kinds of customer from different area with the best quality to recognize your health, reducing worries and energizing your soul.

Mrs. LEANG MITHONA CEO & Founder of Richline Wine & Spirit